Air Dryers


Westair refrigerated air dryers offer outstanding reliability at an affordable price. To suit compressors from 10cfm to 780cfm, the WD dryer range covers most standard businesses compressed air requirements for moisture removal.


The WAD-HD Series Air Dryers are designed for heavy-duty industrial applications, accommodating air compressors ranging from 230 to 2578 CFM, and feature an advanced plate fin structure heat exchanger for low energy consumption.


These dryers are for customers who require an operating dew point of -40⁰c to -70⁰c CFM with a flow rate of 71cfm – 706cfm

Why do I need a dryer?

When compressing air the temperature rises causing condensation therefore increasing water vapour in your system. Air dryers are essential in a host of industries that require a supply of dry, compressed air. These dryers are critical because the presence of moisture in the air can damage work, equipment, and tools.

What Is an Air Dryer and what are my options?

An air dryer is a piece of equipment designed to separate water vapor and moisture from your compressed air system.

REFRIGERATED AIR DRYERS (WD & HD series) are one of the most common types used in industry applications due to their ease of maintenance and relative low cost. Their typical dew point is from 3’c. The refrigerated air dryer working principle is based on cooling the air, condensing, and draining off the moisture. The cooling operation is like a standard home refrigerator.

DESICCANT AIR DRYERS work on a different principle—they adsorb moisture from the air stream and onto a desiccant material in a reversible process. They produce low dew points from -40 to -70’c, so they are a good choice when processes require extremely dry air.

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