The full performance – Compressed air pipe system

Westair has partnered up with Airpipe® to deliver an engineered aluminium compressed air piping system that is competitively priced and vigorously tested for safe operation in all pneumatic applications. Our aluminium pipe and fittings are anti-corrosive, resistant to vibration and designed for the harshest of environment.

Pipe size and fittings stocked:

Part No: Size mm x m
WPS-20 20mm x 5.8m
WPS-25 25mm x 5.8m
WPS-40 40mm x 5.8m
WPS-50 50mm x 5.8m
Airpipe Sizes: 20 to 205mm

Technical Specifications

  • Max. working pressure: 16bar (-20°C~ +80°C)
  • Working temperature: -20° ~ +80°C.
  • Suitable fluids: compressed air, oil-free or lubricated, wet, vacuum, inert gases.
  • Fireproof. and suitable for outdoor applications.

Qualifications & Standards

97/23/EC, ASME B31.1, TUV, GB/T4437.1- 2000, EN755-8, TS, UL94, ISO 8573-1

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