Oil Free Compressor

SCR XA SERIES – 3.7kw-45kw

High-Efficiency Oil-Free Scroll Compressor –14cfm-177cfm

SCRG/GV SERIES – 37kw-280kw

High Efficiency Oil-Free Screw Compressor – 162cfm-1642cfm


Why Oil free?

When working with industries that must maintain high air quality, oil in the air lines can cause commination or add to the running costs to have it removed. Industries like medical, pharmaceutical and food industries are turning to oil free compressors to remove this risk and costs to ensure the best air quality.

Other industries are also looking at oil free to reduce their risk of pollution and to help do their part for the environment. No matter the size of your business or your business needs there is an oil free compressor to suit you.

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